840 Thausent mosque carpets

840 000 loop end pern square meter in the frequency 13mm high of pile 3250gr/m2 , 100% acrylic yarn, woven with the latest technology in computerized machines

Type of carpet: Acrylic 100%
Woven type: Wilton woven face to face
Woven measurement: width 4m face
Total Kg: 4000gr/m2
Pile rope: fixation Acrylic
Comb x Weft: 40/8 x 67,50
Final Pile Rope: 12-13mm
 Quality of paint: Bayer  4-5 fastness
Number of loops: 420 000 
Number of bits: 540 000
Weft Quality: Bangladesh %100 jute
Warp quality: cotton and polyester mix
 Quality standard: 5% in all manufctoring steps(+/-)
Nonflammability- 2 rank




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